Abciximab Reopro

Another antiadhesion antibody strategy in stroke therapy targets platelets. By impeding platelet aggregation, antibodies to platelets could have a role in preventing additional ischemic injury during reperfusion, as well as in potentiating thrombolytic action. Such an antiplatelet drug, abciximab (Reopro; Eli Lilly and Company), is currently in clinical stroke treatment trials. This drug is already in use in association with Phase 3 coronary angioplasty and stenting. A 400-patient Phase 2 randomized trial, with treatment started within 6 hr of stroke onset, was recently completed. A trend was observed toward higher symptomatic hemorrhage rates in the Reopro group (4%) versus placebo (1%), p = 0.09 (29). No significant differences were seen in efficacy outcome measures. A Phase 3 trial is planned.

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