Adverse Events Reported in Clinical Trials

The adverse events related to the agents studied must be considered. Only two complications that reached statistical significance over controls were reported in the aforementioned clinical trials. First is the excess occurrence of hypotension in the group treated with thiopental (60%), compared to the control group (29%; p < 0.001) in the BRCT 1 study (15). This increase in hypotensive episodes required more vasopressor use in the thiopental group. In the Roine Study (24) , the group treated with nimodipine was also observed to have more hypotensive episodes, requiring dopamine infusion (73% compared to 49% for controls; p = 0.003) Several other adverse events did not reach statistical significance but are worth noting, such as the tendency to increase infection rates with glucocorticoid treatment in BRCT 1 (19 ).

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