Detachment Systems

Some research has been conducted recently in new detachment systems. The mainstay of detachable coiling systems, GDC, uses an electric current to facilitate detachment. Although this method is effective, it takes several minutes to fully detach (41), and the time required for electrolytic detachment becomes progressively prolonged as more coils are placed. One study found that laser-activated, detachable coil devices, while effective in embolizing aneurysms, allow for detachment within a matter of seconds (42). In addition, innovative mechanically detachable systems, such as the Detach-18 Coil System (DCS), show great promise. DCS uses a J-shaped coil, which is suitable for use in giant aneurysms (43). A study comparing DCS to GDC found the DCS system to detach faster, within a mean time of 21 sec, and using a combination of GDC and DCS was found to optimize cost and operating time (44). A general drawback of mechanically detachable designs is their preclusion of the ability to retract the coil, once it has been completely advanced beyond the catheter tip. An evaluation of a microcatheter-based retrievable platinum coil detachment system that does not have this limitation found premature detachment in only 1 out of 229 coils (45 ).

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