Glucose Free Solution

The next study was conducted because of an observation that hyperglycemia was associated with poor recovery after CA (26). Undertaken primarily by the Emergency Medical Services, the study compared the effect of nondextrose (0.45% NaCl; n = 377) and dextrose (5%; n=371) solution during resuscitation. Of the 748 patients randomized, 291 patients were admitted to the hospital. Of those admitted, 141 patients received the dextrose solution and 150 received the nondextrose solution. With the patient awakening as the functional endpoint, no difference was observed between the dextrose solution arm (16.7%) and the nondextrose arm (14.6%). The number of patients surviving to discharge after treatment was similar, with 15.1% in the dextrose-solution arm and 13.3% in the nondextrose-solution arm (26).

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