Abbreviation: WTE, whole-time equivalent. Source: Adapted from Ref. 50.

Abbreviation: WTE, whole-time equivalent. Source: Adapted from Ref. 50.

  • Stroke critical pathway, with a case manager overseeing its execution;
  • Preprinted orders;
  • Ready access to and active role of rehabilitation services;
  • Regular stroke team rounds to facilitate a coordinated plan of care;
  • Participation in stroke clinical research trials;
  • Specialized nursing protocols to identify neurologic deterioration and limit medical complications (deep venous thromboses, aspiration, etc.); and
  • Protocols for early bedside swallowing evaluation and proper limb positioning.

However, it is not clear which of the characteristics listed above directly affect outcome. Often, an ASU offers services not included in the above listings. These resources are valuable and can contribute to improved care for patients. Examples of these resources were seen in the national audit of stroke care in the United Kingdom, which included 240 hospitals in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland and reported data on the number of ancillary services provided besides those characterized as essential for ASU classification. This data was extracted from the 175 hospitals, with identified ASUs. Table 1 includes the staffing ratios at the 175 stroke units audited in the UK national audit, and Table 2 represents the composition in full-time equivalents of the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Center Acute Stroke Team in Halifax, Canada.

Table 2 Subspecialties that Compose the Acute Stroke Team at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Center,

Halifax, Canada (20 Beds)

Specialists FTE

Neuroscience nurses 28.3

Neurologist/physicians 0.5

Neuropsychologist 0.2

Occupational therapist 1.7

Pharmacist 0.8

Physiotherapist 1.2

Rehabilitation medicine 0.1

Social work 0.8

Speech-language pathologist 1.1

Spiritual care 0.8

Team coordinators 0.5

Food and nutrition 1.3

Full-time equivalents, which reflect resources at the Queen Elizabeth II and do not necessarily represent recommended staffing levels. Abbreviation: FTE, full-time equivalents. Source: Adapted from Ref. 53.

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