Ischemiareperfusion Hemorrhage Model

An interesting and possibly clinically relevant ICH model has been described in rhesus monkeys, in which hematomas were induced during the vasoproliferative stages of a maturing ischemic infarct (102). In this model, elevating MABP at 5 days after permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion caused hemorrhagic infarct conversion. Interestingly, previously middle cerebral artery-occluded animals that were made hypercarbic with 5% CO2 air at 5 days postischemia had slowly progressive elevation in ICP and MABP and developed intracerebral hematoma involving the putamen, external capsule, and claustrum, occasionally dissecting through to ipsilateral ventricle. Several clinical reports have cited this model, but no further work has been done using it.

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