The search for effective therapies continued with the idea that magnesium, with its antiarrythmic effects and ability to block excitatory neurotransmitters, would be beneficial in CA victims (27). Two clinical trials were undertaken in this area, the first conducted in 1997 (27), followed by another study using magnesium in association with diazepam in 2002 (28). The inhibitory action of diazepam was hypothesized to reduce neuroexcitotoxic injury after CA.

A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study (27) compared the efficacy of empiric magnesium supplementation to placebo in patients resuscitated from in-hospital CA on successful ROSC and survival to discharge. Magnesium was administered in a 2-g IV bolus followed by 8 g over 24 hours. ROSC was the primary outcome, and survival and GCS at discharge was the secondary outcome. The observed ROSC was 54% in magnesium-treated patients, compared to 60% in the placebo group. Patient survival was 43% in the magnesium arm, and 50% in the placebo arm survived to 24 hours (27 ).

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