Matrix Or Pgapgla Coatings On Coils

Acceleration of intra-aneurysmal clot organization and fibrosis might help prevent aneurysmal recanalization after endovascular treatment. Matrix coils are platinum coils coated with an absorbable polyglycolic-polylactic acid (PGLA) copolymer. Approximately 70% of the coil volume comprises PGLA coating, which is typically absorbed by the body within 90 days. Although the amount of platinum per coil is the same in GDC-10 coils and Matrix coils, the additional biodegradable copolymer coating contributes to a larger diameter. The manufacturer claims that this attribute offers several advantages over bare platinum coils, such as increased packing density and an accelerated conversion of thrombus. However, because the polymer coating is not radio-opaque, radiolucent gaps appear between adjacent coils, which might lead to a false sense of assurance for the neurointerventional radiologist when attempting a dense, tightly packed coil.

A comparison of the efficacy of packing with Matrix versus GDC coils revealed that, 14 days postprocedure, the angiographic measurement of neointimal thickness at aneurysmal neck level showed statistically significant differences between Matrix- and GDC-treated aneurysms (0.41 mm for Matrix vs. 0.25 mm for GDC), whereas 3-month angiograms revealed that aneurysms treated with Matrix coils were 18% smaller than baseline, but GDC-treated aneurysms remained essentially unchanged (40). However, although neck tissue thickness was higher in Matrix-treated aneurysms up to 3 months later, no difference was seen at 6 months. It was concluded that Matrix coils accelerated aneurysm fibrosis and neointima formation without parent-artery stenosis (40 ).

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