We have been using polarized light therapy in the postoperative treatment of our patients regularly since 2000, with much a faster recovery period than before. The only way to try to prove its efficiency on our aesthetic surgery patients was to make an obvious comparison "on the spot", i.e., to expose one side to the polarized light, while the other was left unexposed and served as a control group.

Clinical analysis of the patients treated with polarized light has shown the great benefit of this ancillary procedure in the postoperative treatment in the shortened recovery period. Our experience of 2.5 years confirmed that the best results are obtained in cases of blepharoplasty where in most patients edemas and bruises resolved within 2-3 days, while on nonex-posed sides the duration of that period was usually 6-7 days. Regarding the effect of the polarized light on the length of recovery of the exposed side after facelifts and facial ancillary procedures, it was proven to be successful, with a significant difference in more than half of the patients and less significance in more than 15%, which means that, in general, more than two thirds of the patients showed great benefit from the polarized light exposure. In certain cases (Figs. 63.3-63.5) comparison between treated and untreated sides showed a marked difference in favor of the side which was exposed to the polarized light on a regular basis.

Fig. 63.3. Treated and untreated sides of the face after facelift (day 5 postoperatively)
Fig. 63.4. Left eye treated with polarized light after blepharo-plasty (day 7 postoperatively)

We strongly believe that the implementation of this method has significant importance in the recovery period in patients who have undergone the aforementioned aesthetic surgery procedures, because it facilitates the resolution of the postoperative symptoms characteristic for these procedures, relieves immediate postoperative pain and, less important, but also worth mentioning, has some positive psychological effect on the patients who strongly believe that a new technological device would help them too. All of them stated that they felt quite comfortable under the yellow light, with the pleasant feeling of pain relief and mild warmth.

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