Global Results

The mean age of the patients was 55 years old (31-88). All patients underwent the same procedure (94 women and six men) (Figs. 45.10-45.14). An associated necklift was performed in 55 patients. This procedure was the first facelift in 84 patients.

Patients were checked up the day after surgery, at 2 weeks to remove residual threads and at 3, 6 and 9 months. At 1 year, they were clinically evaluated. Patients with unfavourable evolution were seen every week until total satisfaction was achieved.

The recovery period was evaluated by the patient between 3 and 4 weeks as being able to be socially re-introduced with a subnormal or normal appearance without sunglasses.

Fig. 45.12. A 54-year-old woman given back her own original beauty
Fig. 45.13. A 49-year-old woman. No preauricular scar. No one in her family circle noticed the facelift . She was congratulated for her freshness
Physiology Year Old Females
Fig. 45.14. A 52-year-old woman. Heavy cheeks and hollow eyes preoperatively (left). Postoperative result (right)

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