Introduction Bioptron Phototherapy

The application of light as a therapeutic remedy has been known since ancient times. As early as in the age of ancient Egyptian culture, the beneficial action of sunlight on the human organism was noted. The favorable effects of polarized light rays were discovered during the studies of laser light rays, and in 1981 a group of Hungarian physicists and physicians [1-3] proved that polarized light has a stimulating effect on natural defensive and reparatory functions of an organism.

Bioptron polarized light is produced with a special multilayered mirror, and its characteristics are as follows:

  • Polarization, which means that all emitted waves are oscillating, i.e., moving/spreading across a plane linearly.
  • Incoherence, which means that every light wave is oscillating at its own wavelength and amplitude; waves are not synchronized either in time or in space, meaning that the waves and thus their intensities are neither added nor changed.
  • Polycromy - a spectrum of polarized light wavelengths ranging between 480 and 3,400 nm, which means that it comprises the complete visible spectrum (400-780 nm) and a slight part of the IR spectrum (780-1,500 nm IR-A and 1,500-3,400 nm IR-B). UV, chemically active radiation is completely eliminated by a special filter.

Bioptron polarized light has a specific energy density of 40 mW/cm2. The light is brought and applied to the required area at constant intensity and very low energy, but it is constant at 2.4 J/cm2/min.

These constant properties of polarized light rays correspond to a distance of the lamp from the area of the body treated of 10 cm in the case of the Bioptron Compact III device and 10-15 cm for the Clinical Bioptron 2 device (Fig. 63.1). Polarized light rays penetrate the tissue to a depth of 2.5 cm, depending on the time of exposure [4].

Fig. 63.1. Hemifacial exposure to the Clinical Bioptron lamp

A key difference between laser light and polarized light is that the laser light is coherent and monochromatic, which means that it is of one wavelength and one color; the energies of the individual rays can be added, so on the area of application the laser light will have very high energy [5-7].

As related to the natural light, polarized light, when in contact with cells and tissues of a living organism, induces new biological properties, namely:

  • Energetic activity of the cell membrane is enhanced
  • Regenerative processes are stimulated
  • Formation of ATP is accelerated

Such action of the polarized light on the cell and its mechanisms of action can also be applied to the skin, which means that by it acting on the rearrangement of the cell membrane the revitalization of the damaged cells is stimulated. This also provides for better hydration and oxygenation of skin and subcutaneous tissue cells, and the well-hydrated and well-oxygenated skin cells give the appearance of fresh and rejuvenated skin. The phenomenon of the polarized light

Fig. 63.2. Unilateral exposure to the polarized light (right eye)

bringing increased quantities of water and oxygen, applied on the skin surface (Bioptron Oxy-Spray), deeper into the skin was also observed.

The special effects of polarized light rays for revi-talization of the skin as a whole are experimental proof of stimulated proliferation of fibroblasts producing new collagen fibers, and the possibility of reparation of already-produced collagen, which gives back the elasticity to the skin [8-11]. Inflammatory, infectious and viral changes are rehabilitated by activation of both local and general immunity, and by acting on blood, the result is the establishment of normalized regulatory mechanisms at skin level.

For all its aforementioned effects, Bioptron polarized light has also found wide application in cosmetology, most frequently in skins with expanded pores, energy-weakened parts of skin, wrinkles, scalp and hair problems, cellulite, acne, and herpes. Wound healing time is reduced by one third to half the normal healing time [12, 13]. Macrophages might play the central role in the wound healing process, for the polarized light might stimulate them to secrete growth factors [14]. It was also noticed in vital capil-laroscopy that local circulation was improved within the area treated with polarized light [15-17]. With po-larized-light biotherapy, the healing effect is also evident on the wounds resistant to all other forms of therapy (ulcers of various etiologies, pressure sores, burns, surgical wounds, wounds of various etiologies) [4, 18, 19].

The pain effect of Bioptron polarized light is explained by its direct effect on nerve endings, and also on the entire nervous system by activation of neu-rotransmitters and enhanced secretion of endorphins (as the most powerful analgesic known today). Polarized light also affects favorably the causes of pain, regeneration, improved circulation, removal/elimination of pain causing mediators, etc. [20-22].

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