Operative Instruments

Dimitrije E. Panfilov

Every surgeon is used to using certain instruments which he/she learned to work with during his/her training. Worldwide there are very competent manufacturers of surgical instruments, and facial plastic surgery is constantly developing. New ideas are growing and arising with every new generation of plastic surgeons.

For each surgery a fundamental set of instruments should be packed into special containers and very common instruments are separately packed as single packages to be available if needed for replacement as well as such instruments which we do not use routinely.

Tuttlingen in southern Germany has several firms specializing in the manufacture of special instruments and equipment for medical purposes. In the past, the ironsmiths used to go to Paris to learn the high art of ironwork and then returned to Tuttlingen. When visiting these factories one just cannot help ad miring the precision and care put into the honing of these instruments to the highest degree of perfection. My preferred company is Medicon, which has a specialized department for plastic surgery and a catalogue with set suggestions for different cosmetic surgeries.

The instruments in Figs. 24.2-24.10 are just a personal suggestion of mine, without claim to general acceptance. This is a sample of what could be recommended. During main meetings many booths are rented by instrument manufacturers and plastic surgeons frequently visit them and try the handling of new tools.


Please see the general bibliography at the end of this book.

Instrumentos Enfermeiros

Fig. 24.1. a Set of instruments for routine facelift used by the author. b Preferred scissors: Stevens, CastaƱares, Metzen-baum, Gorney, Gorney-Long, Rees

Otoplasty Surgical InstrumentsOtoplasty Surgical InstrumentsCasta Ares Surgery
Avelar Preparator - straight

Avelar Preparator - curved

Avelar Preparator - curved

Herrajes Para Alta TensionRees ScissorsOtoplasty Instruments

Osleotom left & right

Langenbach Retractor LongInstruments Aesthetic

Langenbeck-Green Retractor

Fig. 24.8. Instruments for otoplasty
Fig. 24.9. a Author's antihelix file. b Author's file in action
Krokodyle Instrument Surgery Scars

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