How do you determine the level of anesthesia needed for different types ol surgeries What is a segmental block When is it used

To provide adequate surgical blockade with an epidural anesthetic, it is necessary to know the innervation of the structures stimulated during the procedure. For example, a transurethral resection of the prostate requires a T8 level because the bladder is innervated by T8 through its embryologic origins. A laparotomy such as a cesarean delivery requires a T4 level to cover the innervation of the peritoneum.

Epidural anesthesia is segmental (i.e., it has an upper and lower level). The block is most intense near the site of catheter insertion and diminishes with distance. The needle and catheter should be placed as close to the site of surgery as possible (e.g, a thoracic injection is used for chest surgery, whereas a midlumbar injection is used for hip surgery). In labor the lower limit of block can be kept above the sacral nerve roots until the second stage of labor to preserve pelvic floor tone and the perineal reflex.

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