Key Points Allergic Reactionsy

  1. To prevent severe allergic reactions, it is important to identify patients at risk and to take a good history.
  2. The major causes of anaphylactic reactions in the operating room are muscle relaxants, followed by latex allergy.
  3. Concerning latex allergy, proper preparation of the operating room environment is critical. Schedule patients at risk as first cases. Latex and nonlatex-containing supplies should be clearly identified and the former avoided. Powdered gloves should be avoided.
  4. The proper medications needed to adequately treat a reaction should it occur must be at hand. Treat allergic reactions aggressively. Accelerate epinephrine doses if needed.
  5. It is important to recognize that health care workers are at increased risk for latex hypersensitivity. Avoid the use of powdered gloves wherever possible and be alert for the development of symptoms that might signify latex allergy.
  6. Health care workers with type I latex allergy should have proper allergy identification and always carry an epinephrine Autoinjector device.

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