Cancer Chemopreventive Activities Of Panax Notoginseng And Ginsenoside Rg11

Takao Konoshima

Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Msasagi, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto 607, Japan


Currently, although many kinds of anti-tumor agents are developed and the medicinal sciences make rapid progress in the treatment of cancer, cancer is the most tragic disease and one of the major cause of death in the world. Therefore, the advancement of cancer chemoprevention is very important as well as the development of cancer treatment. The mechanism of chemical carcinogenesis has been explained by either a two-stage theory or a multi-stage theory, which consist of the initiation, promotion and progression stage.2' In these stages, the promotion stage is long-term and reversible reaction, and the development of the inhibitors on promotion stage (anti-tumor-promoters) have been regarded as the most promissing method for the chemo- prevention of cancer. To search for possible anti-tumor promoters (cancer chemopreventive agents) from natural resources, we carried out an in vitro primary screening of many kind of natural products (triterpenoids3), flavonoids4', euglobals4', plant extracts and kampo prescriptiions6)) using their inhibitory effects on Epstein-Barr virus early antigen (EBV-EA) activation induced by a strong tumor-promoter, 12-O-tetra-decanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TP A). As a continuation of our biological studies on the potential anti-tumor-promoters, several extracts of Panax plants were assayed by the synergistic primary screening system. Of these extracts, the extract of Panax notoginseng exhibited significant inhibitory effects on EBV-EA activation. On the other hand, the root of P. notoginseng (San-chi-ginseng) is well known as the Chinese traditional medicine having haemostatic, antihepatitis and anti-inflammatory activities, and as the major component of Chinese medicine such as "Yunnan Bai Yao" and "Pien Tze Huang". Further, ginsenoside Rgl is one of the major saponins of this crude drug. In this paper, the results of primary screening test in vitro and two-stage carcinogenesis tests on mouse skin, pulmonary and hepatic tumors of an extract of P. notoginseng and ginsenoside Rgl are discussed.

Inhibitory Effects on Epstein-Barr virus Early Antigen Activation

Raji cell (1 x 10s cell/ml)

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