Preface to the Second Edition iii

Preface to the First Edition v

Contributors xi

  1. Microbiology of the Dairy Animal 1 Paul J. Weimer
  2. Raw Milk and Fluid Milk Products 59 Micaela Chadwick Hayes and Kathryn Boor
  3. Concentrated and Dry Milks and Wheys 77 Warren S. Clark, Jr.
  4. Frozen Desserts 93 Robert T. Marshall
  5. Microbiology of Butter and Related Products 127 Jeffrey L. Kornacki, Russell S. Flowers, and Robert L. Bradley, Jr.
  6. Starter Cultures and Their Use 151 AshrafN. Hassan and Joseph F. Frank
  7. Metabolism of Starter Cultures Robert W. Hutkins

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