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Bulk condensed milk may be manufactured using either whole or skim milk. Typically, milk is pasteurized and then concentrated by heat in an evaporator until the product contains 40-45% total solids. Following concentration, the product may be dried or distributed for use as a concentrated milk. A detailed processing scheme for condensed milk is shown in Fig. 1. Most condensed whole milk is used as an ingredient in chocolate/confectionery, bakery, or dairy (frozen dessert) industries; condensed skim milk not subsequently dried is used primarily within the dairy industry (American Dairy Products Institute, 1999a). These products are not commercially sterile and, when intended for shipment as an ingredient, they immediately are cooled and continuously held at temperatures below 7°C (45°F). Microorganisms surviving the heat treatments usually are thermodu-ric or thermophilic types. Under proper handling and storage conditions, these organisms grow slowly, if at all, and are not expected to create keeping quality

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