Types Of Fermented Milks

Numerous types of fermented milks exist around the world (Kosikowski and Mistry, 1997; Kurmann et al., 1992). Products range from yogurt, which is probably the most widely known, especially in the Western world, to more regional products such as mala (or maziwa lala) of Kenya, which is manufactured using mesophilic cultures, and dahi of India, which is largely made either in the home or by small-scale dairies. Table 4 lists some major types of fermented milk products of the world, and Fig. 1 shows a sampling of such products. There are distinct differences in characteristics between the different types of products, depending on type of organisms and type of milk used. For example, Bulgarian buttermilk has a very strong acid flavor (2-4% lactic acid), whereas yogurt has a milder acidic and acetaldehyde flavor. On the other hand, koumiss, which is traditionally made from mares' milk, is slightly alcoholic, because yeasts are used in its manu-

Table 4 Major Fermented Milks of the World

Acidophilus milk

Kouwonnailio (China)

Bulgarian buttermilk

Maziwalala (Kenya)

Cultured buttermilk

Sour cream

Cultured cream






Viili (Scandinavia)


Langfil (Scandinavia)


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