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All of the care in selecting and protecting ingredients, in cleaning and sanitizing equipment, in pasteurizing in a properly constructed and operated heat exchanger, and in packaging ice cream aseptically in containers that are practically sterile can be for naught if the product is contaminated with pathogens during serving.

Gould et al. (1948), in a survey of ice cream stores, found 11 of 20 hand-packed samples had coliform counts of more than 10/g, whereas only 2 of 14 factory-packed samples from the same stores had this high number of coliforms. Ice cream scoops and dippers as well as the hands of the store workers are likely sources of contaminants in dipped ice cream. Water should be kept flowing in dipper wells to ensure that bacterial growth is prevented in water used to warm and cleanse dippers and scoops.

Persons who are ill or infected should not dispense frozen desserts. All workers should wear clean clothing and hair restraints and should wash their hands before working in dispensing operations and every time there is a chance of their hands becoming contaminated.

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