Current Approaches To Obesity Therapeutics

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On-going clinical trials: While there are currently a large number of clinical trials reported to be on-going for the treatment of obesity, this review will focus on three that have garnered the most attention recently; SR-141716A (Rimonabant), P-57, and recombinant human ciliary neurotrophic factor (rCNTF, Axokine) (11).

SR-141716A - SR-141716A 5 is a cannabinoid CB1 receptor inverse agonist being developed by Synthelabo (Sanofi) and currently reported to be in phase III trials (12).

Both central and peripheral mechanisms of action have been suggested for SR-141716A (13,14). Recent publications have described the structure-activity relationships of SR-141716 analogues and on attempts to decrease the reported high llpophilicity of Rimonabant (15,16). Concerns over the potential of SR-141716 tend to center around the lipophilicity of the compound, and ultimate durability of the currently reported, short-term, effects on food consumption. A number of groups have reported some success in developing potent analogues to SR-141716A e.g. 6, (17,18).

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