As exemplified in the limited disclosures in the above Group ll/lll category, noncompetitive antagonist pharmacology is still In its infancy. However, with the widespread interest in this field, more subtype selective ligands will be appearing in the literature in the coming years.

Imaging Agents - Early mGluR binding studies used such ligands as [3H]-glutamate or [*H]-quisqualate. More recently, high affinity subtype selective radioligands have been synthesized. For example, there are several analogues of the mGluR5 antagonist, MPEP, that have been tritium-labeled for use in receptor binding and autoradiographic studies. These include: [3H]-M-MPEP 38, ^HJ-S-methoxy-PEPy 39, and [3H]-methoxymethyl-MTEP 40 (67-69). From these, and related compounds, imaging agents for use in humans are being developed.

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