In Vivo Fluorescence Endomicroscopy in Cancer Treatment

In recent years, progressive new treatment regimens have evolved around the basic concept of targeting specific molecules expressed by malignant cells, which have an essential role in the regulation of proliferation and growth. Several types of monoclonal antibodies have been produced in the treatment of tumours that express large amounts of these target molecules. Therefore, immuno-histological detection of these biomarkers in the tumour has direct therapeutic consequences, as it enables a subsequent antibody treatment.

Imatinib is a well-established chemotherapeutic agent of kinase-targeted treatment that has found increasing use in cancer treatment. Approximately >90% of gastrointestinal stomal tumours (GIST) express the CD 117 (c-kit) antigen and have mutations in the corresponding gene, and a large majority of GIST patients benefit from treatment with imatinib, which is the main therapeutic modality in this disease. Therefore, in vivo fluorescence endo-microscopy detecting CD 117 in these tumours could be an effective method to identify which patients would benefit from imatinib therapy [19]. Other possible applications for in vivo fluorescence endomicroscopy might be the assessment of the epidermal-growth-factor-receptor (EGFR) expression in therapy-refractory colorectal carcinoma, which could stratify the patient population eligible for cetuximab treatment [20].

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10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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