Componentfunction Gene expression

Unit Inputs


Neuronal activity


Transcription factors; Neurotransmitters; Enhancer regions of DNA Receptors on




Output variation

Initiation complex RNA polymerase II Transcription

Transcription rate dendrites and cell body

Cell body

Axon hillock

Action potential (impulse)

Firing rate

Integrator modulation Chemical modulation of Calcium channels initiation complex proteins

Consequence of unit activity

Proteins made

Synapses activated/inhibited

The "consequences of unit activity" include inputs to other units (genes or neurones). Transcription factors are proteins, so the expression of one gene (encoding a transcription factor) can affect the expression of others. Action potentials release neurotransmitters from axon termini, so the activity of one neurone can affect the activities of others. In the diagram, the "O" of one unit is an "I" for one or more others.

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