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Operative hemorrhoidectomy and rubber band ligation are the two most-common interventions for symptomatic hemorrhoids today. Both are highly effective when utilized properly. Hemorrhoidectomy refers to the operative excision of the hemorrhoids, usually in the outpatient surgical suite, whereas rubber band ligation is performed in the office setting. Hemorrhoids are generally symptomatic with either bleeding (typically bright red, painless, and commonly dripping into the toilet bowl) or protrusion (occasionally associated with discomfort, itching, or irritation and burning). Pain is usually not a symptom of hemorrhoids unless thrombosis or strangulation has occurred.


Hemorrhoids are a common medical and surgical problem (1). They are the cause of symptoms in a large portion of adults in the United States (2,3), and estimates of prevalence range from 4.4 to as high as 50 of the adult population (4). The peak age distribution for hemorrhoids is between age 45 and 65 years (5). Internal hemorrhoids rank as the most common cause of self-limited bleeding in ambulatory adults (6). Rarely, hemorrhoid bleeding can be quite severe, requiring urgent evaluation and therapy.

Sclerotherapy needle advanced

Endoscopic variceal ligation (EVL), also referred to as variceal banding, is an endoscopic therapy for acute esophageal variceal bleeding, and for elective eradication of varices after the initial episode of hemorrhage. EVL technique for the esophageal varices is similar to endoscopic treatment of rectal hemorrhoids. The ligation is accomplished by placement of an elastic band on the varix, which strangulates a blood vessel, resulting in vessel thrombosis. The thrombosed varix undergoes necrosis and sloughs off, to be replaced by fibrous tissue in the process of mucosal healing.

Patients complaining of rectal bleeding consider

Blood spotting after anal sex and or blood spotting on the toilet paper is a common compliant in the GU clinic, and is usually the symptom of minor conditions such as haemorrhoids, anal fissures, genital trauma, or genital warts -which can be associated with pruritus (Rhodes & Hsin, 1995). Blood separate from faeces is most commonly due to haemorrhoids, but may also be due to a variety of other causes, including rectal carcinoma and proctitis, which can be associated with a mucous discharge. Is the blood fresh - bright red, or old - darkish brown this can help indicate where the bleeding is from. When does the patient notice it A proctoscopy should be carried out, but it may be that further investigation may be needed outside of our realm of care, in which case refer appropriately. Blood mixed with faeces may be due to Crohn's disease, or inflammatory bowel disease, carcinoma or vascular abnormalities, and the patient should be referred for careful investigation via a...

Cardinal Signs and Symptoms

External hemorrhoids are often asymptomatic or only a minor nuisance. Anorectal bleeding is uncommon. External hemorrhoids can become symptomatic and exquisitely painful if they thrombose. Distention of the overlying perianal skin and the inflammation associated with thrombosis may cause significant discomfort. The typical presentation is that of abrupt onset of a small anal mass with pain that usually peaks within 48 hours. If the overlying skin becomes necrotic, bleeding or purulent discharge may follow. If hemorrhoids are left alone, pain usually subsides by the third or fourth day, and the thrombus becomes organized. Eventually anal tags may remain and other than causing minor pruritis or hygiene problems, are of little consequence. External hemorrhoids must be distinguished from an anal malignancy, prolapsed internal hemorrhoids, and anorectal varices. Internal hemorrhoids often cause no symptoms, but when they do, bleeding is the most common reason to seek medical attention....

Indications for Referral to a Specialist

Small carcinomas, anorectal varices, and rectal prolapse can be easily confused with hemorrhoids. Any unusual-appearing hemorrhoid warrants referral to an experienced surgeon to confirm the diagnosis. Although this may require only simple reinspection, endoscopy, biopsy, or examination under anesthesia may be necessary. Referral to a gastroenterologist or a surgeon is appropriate if pruritis, prolapse, or bleeding symptoms persist despite conservative therapy. Most grade 3 (prolapsing requiring manual reduction) and all grade 4 (irreducible) hemorrhoids require referral for an interventional or surgical approach. Severe pain associated with an acutely thrombosed external hemorrhoid may demand immediate surgical evacuation of clot. Any signs or symptoms of abscess or fistula associated with hemorrhoidal disease should prompt a surgical evaluation. Particular diligence is necessary in evaluating and treating hemorrhoidal disease in immunosuppressed patients and in those with...

History and Physical Examination

The focus initially should be to establish the quantity and color of blood and elicit any symptoms of hemodynamic instability that would require immediate intervention. The medical history can then evaluate previous GI bleeding episodes and diagnoses associated with recurrent episodes of bleeding. These include diverticulosis, angiodysplasias, hemorrhoids, ulcers, varices, or inflammatory bowel disease. Other important history findings include comorbid diseases, coagulopathies, liver disease, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug use (NSAID), and radiation therapy affecting the abdomen or rectum (prostate). NSAID use is a very important risk factor, now recognized as the cause of not only upper GI bleeding, but also increased lower GI bleeding.

Anoscopy or Sigmoidoscopy

These examinations may be a useful early test in patients with presumed lower GI bleeding to exclude obvious distal lesions such as bleeding hemorrhoids, anal fissure, rectal ulcer, proctitis, or rectal cancer. These procedure may not reveal the source if done while bleeding is still brisk, because it is often impossible to tell whether blood is coming from above the scope or from a lesion at or below the examined level. Sigmoidoscopy is usually reserved primarily for younger patients (< 40 years old) with relatively minor bleeding.

Endoscopic Therapy

Hemorrhoidal Bleeding Anorectal sources, usually enlarged hemorrhoidal veins, can be identified easily during colonoscopy and account for less than 10 of acute lower intestinal bleeding (57). Treatment by injection with epinephrine or a sclerosant, infrared coagulation, and band ligation of internal hemorrhoids is effective (58), although more proximal etiologies should also be carefully excluded.

Findings on anal inspection

Pruritus ani, perianal warts, perianal abscess, perianal haematoma, prolapsing haemorrhoids, thrombosed haemorrhoids, skin tags, anal discharge, anal fistulas, anal fissures, anal cancer, rectocele, rectal prolapse, threadworms, faecal soiling of the perineum are all possible findings (Rhodes & Hsin, 1995 Barkauskas, 2002). The anal tone can be observed at rest and on voluntary contraction. The patient should be asked to strain down as if opening bowels to show perianal descent, prolapsing haemorrhoids or protruding lesions such as tumours or rectal prolapse (Barkauskas, 2002).


Note on inspection Faecal matter (if present), odour and consistency. Rectal discharge, threadworms, inflammation, mucosal ulceration, bleeding, haemorrhoids and any other abnormalities. Slowly withdrawing the proctoscope observe the haemorrhoidal cushions, the dentate line, and the anal epithelium.

Anorectal Procedures

Anorectal afflictions have troubled the human race for millennia, but remain somewhat of an enigma to a majority of both physicians and laypersons. First described formally in the Chester Beatty Medical Papyrus, written about 1250 bc and further defined by Hippocrates around 400 bc (19), the treatment of these disorders has progressively improved with the wider dissemination of knowledge regarding them and the development of an increasing number of physicians trained specifically in their care (two of the most common anorectal conditions seen in the clinician's office are anal fissure and hemorrhoids). They are not uncommonly confused with one another as both can present with rectal bleeding. Their proper differentiation is crucial to the selection of the appropriate treatment modalities.

Rubber Band Ligation

Rubber band ligation is performed for internal hemorrhoids with bleeding or minor degrees of protrusion. It is not performed for external hemorrhoids in patients with coagulopathies, or generally in patients taking anticoagulants (banding is performed in the office or the outpatient clinic and requires no specific preparation). The patient is placed in the knee-chest or lateral position, an anoscope is inserted, and the hemorrhoidal group to be ligated is visualized. Using a ligator placed through the anoscope, the redundant portion of the mucosa at the upper portion of the hemorrhoid is grasped and a constricting elastic band is placed around it. If the band is placed lower, significant pain may result (Fig. 6). The hemorrhoid will slough in 7-10 d leaving a small, ulcerated area to heal.


Despite the high prevalence of hemorrhoids, the exact etiology is still unclear. Detailed anatomic studies have demonstrated that sliding downward of the anal cushions is a likely etiology (7). The anal cushions are composed of blood vessels, smooth muscle, and elastic connective tissue within the submucosa. Hemorrhoids are associated with straining and irregular bowel habits. Although it is commonly believed that constipation is an important risk factor for the development of hemorrhoids, other studies have suggested that diarrheal disorders are more frequently associated with hemorrhoidal disease (8). Straining maneuvers related to diarrheal disease or constipation may cause engorgement of the anal cushions during defecation and tend to push the anal cushions out of the Classification of Internal Hemorrhoids canal (5). Repeated stretching of the smooth muscle causes disruption and prolapse (7). Other theories suggest that hemorrhoids share similarities with arteriovenous...

Anorectal Varices

Anorectal varices are a result of portal hypertension and represent enlarged portal-systemic collaterals. They develop as a result of hepatofugal portal venous flow through the inferior mesenteric vein to the superior hemorrhoidal veins. An important distinction is that anorectal varices are not related to hemorrhoids, which are vascular cushions of ectatic venular-arteriolar connections of the hemorrhoidal plexus, and have no direct connection to the portal system. The prevalence of anorectal varices varies somewhat, ranging from 43 to 78 in patients with cirrhosis (103-105). Anorectal varices are usually discrete, serpentine, submucosal veins. In contrast to external hemorrhoids, varices are compressible and refill rapidly. They extend from the squamous portion of the anal canal and cross the dentate line into the rectum proper. Distinguishing hemorrhoids from varices is important because of the risk of severe, recurrent hemorrhage with varices and the different approach to therapy.

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