Even the most basic text cannot be solely the work of its author or authors; this is especially true for this one. We are extremely grateful to a large number of colleagues, students, and friends. They provided critical reading, essential information, experimental data, and figures, as well as other important help. This group includes the following scholars from other research centers: J. Brown, University of Virginia; R. Condit, University of Florida; J. Conway, National Institutes of Health; K. Fish and J. Nelson, Oregon Health Sciences University; D.W. Gibson, Johns Hopkins University; P. Ghazal, University of Edinburgh; H. Granzow, Friedrich-Loef-fler-Institute - Insel Riems; C. Grose, University of Iowa; J. Hill, Louisiana State University Eye Center - New Orleans; J. Langland, Arizona State University; D. Leib, Washington University; F. Murphy, University of California, Davis; S. Rabkin, Harvard University; S. Rice, University of Alberta-Edmonton; S. Silverstein, Columbia University; B. Sugden, University of Wisconsin; Gail Wertz, University of Alabama-Birmingham; and J.G. Stevens, University of California, Los Angeles. Colleagues at University of California, Irvine who provided aid include R. Davis, S. Larson, A. McPherson, T. Osborne, R. Sandri-Goldin, D. Senear, B. Semler, S. Stewart, W.E. Robinson, I. Ruf; and L. Villarreal. Both current and former workers in Edward Wagner's laboratory did many experiments that aided in a number of illustrations; these people include J.S. Aguilar, K. Anderson, R. Costa, G.B. Devi-Rao, R. Frink, S. Goodart, J. Guzowski, L.E. Holland, P. Lieu, N. Pande, M. Petroski, M. Rice, J. Singh, J. Stringer, and Y-F. Zhang.

We were aided in the writing of the second edition by comments from Robert Nevins (Milsap College), Sofie Foley (Napier University), David Glick (King's College), and David Fulford (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania).

Many people contributed to the physical process of putting this book together. R. Spaete of the Aviron Corp carefully read every page of the manuscript and suggested many important minor and a couple of major changes. This was done purely in the spirit of friendship and collegiality. K. Christensen used her considerable expertise and incredible skill in working with us to generate the art. Not only did she do the drawings, but also she researched many of them to help provide missing details. Two undergraduates were invaluable to us. A. Azarian at University of California, Irvine made many useful suggestions on reading the manuscript from a student's perspective, and D. Natan, an MIT student who spent a summer in Edward Wagner's laboratory, did most of the Internet site searching, which was a great relief and time saver. Finally, J. Wagner carried out the very difficult task of copyediting the manuscript.

A number of people at Blackwell Publishing represented by Publisher N. Hill-Whilton demonstrated a commitment to a quality product. We especially thank Elizabeth Frank, Caroline Milton, and Rosie Hayden who made great efforts to maintain effective communications and to expedite many of the very tedious aspects of this project. Blackwell Publising directly contacted a number of virologists who also read and suggested useful modifications to this manuscript, including Michael R. Roner, University of Texas, Arlington; Lyndon Larcom, Clemson University; Michael Lockhart, Truman State University; Lloyd Turtinen, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire; and Paul Wanda, Southern Illinois University.

All of these colleagues and friends represent the background of assistance we have received, leading to the preparation of this third edition. We would especially like to acknowledge Dr. Luis Villareal and the Center for Virus Research at the University of California, Irvine, for supporting our efforts in bringing this book to a timely completion.


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