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1 Antibodies against HSV-1 glycoproteins are tagged with a heavy metal in the Fc region. Virus is allowed to infect a cell, and immediately following this, the antibody is added. Then the cell is sectioned and an electron micrograph of this cell is taken. Where would you expect to see the heavy metal?

2 Which of the following methods can be directly applied to investigate the properties and characteristics of a viral protein?

  • a) Electrophoresis in a sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel.
  • b) Western blot analysis with specific antibodies.
  • c) In situ hybridization with a specific antibody.
  • d) Immunohistochemistry with a cloned DNA fragment.
  • e) Determination of the sequence of the viral gene encoding it.
  • f) Nucleic acid hybridization.

3 How is radiolabeling with amino acids used to examine the patterns of viral protein synthesis within infected cells? Give one specific example.

4 What are the ways in which a monoclonal antibody might be used in the analysis of a specific viral protein?

Viruses use Cellular Processes to Express their Genetic Information

# Prokaryotic DNA replication is an accurate enzymatic model for the process generally

The replication of eukaryotic DNA The replication of viral DNA

The effect of virus infection on host DNA replication

  • Expression of mRNA
  • Prokaryotic transcription Prokaryotic RNA polymerase

The prokaryotic promoter and the initiation of transcription Control of prokaryotic initiation of transcription Termination of prokaryotic transcription

# Eukaryotic transcription

The promoter and initiation of transcription Control of initiation of eukaryotic transcription Processing of precursor mRNA

Visualization and location of splices in eukaryotic transcripts Posttranscriptional regulation of eukaryotic mRNA function Virus-induced changes in transcription and posttranscriptional processing

  • The mechanism of protein synthesis Eukaryotic translation Prokaryotic translation Virus-induced changes in translation

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