Reovirus structure

Reovirus contains 10 dsRNA segments. A schematic of the virion and the protein coding strategy of the genomic segments is shown in Fig. 15.10. These genome segments of the reo-viruses are packaged into an icosahedral capsid that consists of two - or in some members, three - concentric shells, each having icosahedral symmetry. The capsid is made up of three

Human reovirus

Anchoring a helix

Human reovirus

10 ds genomic segment


Anchoring a helix c1 dimer (hemagglutinin)

12 core spike

|1C/o3 complex (outer capsid) 11/o2 complex (core)

10 ds genomic segment

L1 3854

L2 3916

L3 3896

M1 2304

M2 2203

M3 2235


52 1331

53 1198

54 1198

Fig. 15.10 The 60-nm-diameter human reovirus with its double shell. The 10 segments of the reovirus genome and the proteins encoded are shown. Note that the S1 segment encodes two overlapping translation frames. Like the situation with the La Crosse virus mRNA encoded by the S genomic fragment, these proteins are expressed by alternate initiation sites for translation. Thus, the virus encodes 11 proteins. The total size of the genome is 23,549 base pairs.

major structural proteins, as well as a number of low-abundance structural proteins, including virion-associated transcriptase, as the virions contain all of the enzymatic machinery necessary for the production of viral mRNA, including activities involved in capping and methylation. Genome segments range in size from about 4 kbp to about 1 kbp. The genomic RNAs have 5' methylated caps on the positive-sense strand of the duplex and a 5' triphosphate on the negative-sense strand. Neither strand is polyadenylated.

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