Replication Patterns of Specific Viruses

  • Replication of Positive-sense RNA Viruses
  • RNA Viruses - General Considerations
  • Replication of Positive-sense RNA Viruses Whose Genomes are Translated as the First Step in Gene Expression
  • Positive-Sense RNA Viruses Encoding a Single Large Open Reading Frame
  • Positive-Sense RNA Viruses Encoding More Than One Translational Reading Frame
  • Replication of Plant Viruses with RNA Genomes
  • Replication of Bacteriophage with RNA Genomes
  • Replication Strategies of RNA Viruses Requiring RNA-directed mRNA Transcription as the First Step in Viral Gene Expression
  • Replication of Negative-sense RNA Viruses with a Monopartite Genome
  • Influenza Viruses - Negative-sense RNA Viruses with A Multipartite Genome
  • Other Negative-sense RNA Viruses with Multipartite Genomes
  • Viruses With Double-stranded RNA Genomes
  • Subviral Pathogens
  • Replication Strategies of Small and Medium-sized DNA Viruses
  • DNA Viruses Express Genetic Information and Replicate their Genomes in Similar, Yet Distinct, Ways
  • Papovavirus Replication
  • Replication of Adenoviruses
  • Replication of Some Single-Stranded DNA Viruses
  • Replication of Some Nuclear-Replicating Eukaryotic DNA Viruses with Large Genomes
  • Herpesvirus Replication and Latency
  • Baculovirus, an Insect Virus with Important Practical Uses in Molecular Biology
  • Replication of Cytoplasmic DNA Viruses and "Large" Bacteriophages
  • Poxviruses - DNA Viruses that Replicate in the Cytoplasm of Eukaryotic Cells
  • Replication of "Large" DNA-containing Bacteriophages
  • A Group of Algal Viruses Shares Features of its Genome Structure with Poxviruses and Bacteriophages
  • Retroviruses: Converting RNA to DNA
  • Retrovirus Families and their Strategies of Replication
  • Mechanisms of Retrovirus Transformation
  • Cellular Genetic Elements Related to Retroviruses
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) and Related Lentiviruses
  • Hepadnaviruses: Variations on the Retrovirus Theme
  • Problems for Part IV
  • Additional Reading for Part IV

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