How can I get an emergency prescription?

Medicines are usually the answer to your illness. They are a legal form of drugs that are registered and well studied for their side effects and benefits. Online doctors can prescribe medicines. Medicines can be classified in so many ways. The famous way of classifying medicines is whether the medicines need a prescription or not.

The following are the groups of medicines classified under the mentioned above method:

1- Group A- Require a prescription from a doctor

2- Group B- Require a prescription from a doctor

3- Group C- Require a prescription from a pharmacist/doctor

4- Group D- Require a prescription from a pharmacist/doctor

5- Over the counter medicines- No need for a prescription

What is a prescription?

A prescription is a form where doctors/pharmacists fill-up the details about the patient, the desired medicine, the dosage, the method of taking the medicine, the side effect, the amount of medicine needed, and the doctor’s official verification with a signature.

Prescription is needed for certain medications as some medications are dangerous to take without the supervision of a doctor and dose adjustment is in the picture. As a result, you can’t simply buy medications that require prescriptions. You will need to see a doctor and sit down for a consultation. The doctor will decide what kind of medicine you need to get better and if the medicines require a prescription, he will provide it.

What is an emergency prescription?

Emergency prescription means a patient needs immediate medications that can only be purchased with a prescription letter from a doctor. An example of this medication is an anti-asthmatic inhaler. Asthmatic patients are on long term anti-asthmatic medications. Sometimes, when they need the medications to relieve their asthma attack and the medications run out of dose, they need the new medications urgently. To purchase such medications, you need a prescription from a doctor and you can’t simply buy it from any pharmacy.

This when emergency prescription comes into play. Emergency prescriptions are easier to obtain nowadays with the advancement of online medical consultation and digital platforms.

Online medical consultation is operated by virtual doctors. You can talk to a doctor immediately via phone or video calls and the doctor can provide you with a prescription letter. The letter will be sent to your email so that you can buy the required medicines as soon as possible.

Why online medical consultations?

Medicine is a very dynamic and progressive field. Doctors and healthcare staff are always trying our best in delivering the best health services to the people. As the queue and waiting time in clinics and hospitals is super long, we are moving forward by introducing and applying the teleconsultation. Tele-consultation is also known as online consultation will benefit the people, doctors, healthcare providers, and the government. This system is already implemented in developed countries such as Australia and America.

The online consultation will cut the long queue, waiting time, cost, and improve the overall productivity of a population. Diagnosis will be made at the end of the consultation for most of the cases, and medicines or prescriptions will be sent to patients accordingly.

The online consultation mimics the classic consultation in the way that it is still one to one consultation, your privacy and identity will be secure and will involve the entire process in reaching a diagnosis.

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