Kidney Cancer

The risk of kidney cancer (specifically, renal cell cancer) is 1.5- to 3-fold higher in overweight and obese persons than in normal weight men and women in study populations worldwide (Table 3); most studies have found a dose-response relationship with increasing weight or BMI (18,35,96,129-133). In several studies, the increase in risk with increasing BMI was greater in women than in men (3,134-141), although at present this finding remains unexplained and was not confirmed in a review of published studies (129), nor in a recent prospective cohort study (35). Importantly, the obesity-associated risk of renal cell cancer appears to be independent of blood pressure, indicating that hypertension and obesity might influence renal cell cancer through different mechanisms (142). The hypothesis that chronic hyperinsulinemia contributes to the association of BMI and renal cell cancer is supported indirectly by the increased risk of kidney cancer seen in diabetics (143).

Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

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