plasty (PTA) in acute stroke. , This strategy appears to result in higher recanali-zation rates than other current modalities (Fig. 4.2). Nakano et al.73 performed a retrospective comparison of 34 patients with acute MCA trunk occlusions who were treated with direct PTA (with subsequent thrombolytic therapy in 21 cases) versus 36 similar patients who were treated with thrombolytic therapy alone. Partial or complete recanalization was achieved in 91.2% versus 63.9%, symptomatic ICH was seen in 2.9% versus 19.4%, and good outcome (mRS score < 2) occurred in 73.5% versus 50% of the patients, respectively. PTA may be particularly useful in cases of athero-thrombotic disease in which the residual stenosis may reduce flow sufficiently to

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