Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

The Kidney Stone Removal Report by Joe Barton

According to Joe Barton, his report reveals the natural methods that could help to eradicate small (less than 5mm) to moderate (approximately 1.2cm) size stones in one day. In this book, Joe writes about how to prevent the disease from forming again and ways to flush your kidneys. Detailed information and step-by-step guidance will help you eliminate the risk of suffering from the disease in future. The key treatment recommended in The Kidney Stone Removal Report is easy to prepare. Ingredients are found everywhere. Read more here...

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Cure For Kidney Stones

The product is designed by Anthony Wilson who is an experienced eminent figure in the world of medical research; he himself has suffered from this issue which made him think outside the box and use his medical expertise in this issue since he was faced by the option of surgery which he was not very fond of. His medical expertise has triumphed since he has a found a safe and easy way that anyone can use simply by download the E-book that he has come up with. He is definitely a trusted scientist and his results speak for his revolutionarymethod. The product designed by Anthony Wilson will simply get rid of your kidney stones by dissolving them into small fragments that are small enough for the kidney system to process through the urine. So by simply urinating, you will be able to get rid of all your kidney stones. This E-book contains a simple five-step program carefully designed for convenient use that is surely safe. This product contains a simple E-book that is packed full of precious information but it is very easy to use, even for a person who has no basic knowledge of E-books. Moreover, by downloading the E-book, you will be getting a direct access to an effective method of eliminating kidney stones so you can start right away. Read more here...

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Beat Kidney Stones

This treatment is all-natural and perfectly safe for diabetics, pregnant women, the elderly, children and everyone else. Even your pet could do it! Medical bills are expensive. Home therapy is quite cheaper, much easier and more convenient. Think of how much money you'll save in medical and doctor's bills. You can forget pain! You will feel refreshed and revitalized, and finally be able to get a good night's sleep without being interrupted by that horrible stinging sensation. You don't have taking any prescription pills No more haggling with the pharmacies or shoving fistfuls of pills into your mouth every morning for weeks on end. You don't have to struggle with new-fangled modern gadgets that zap various potentially dangerous rays into your body. Just eat a few readily available foods as documented in the instructions, and you're done. Naturally, gently and safely pass your kidney stones without the scratching, tearing or damage to your bladder, kidneys or urethra. You can get started in minutes. Read more here...

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Emily's Kidney Stone Eradication System

Emily's Kidney Stone Eradication System, is a 46 page eBook that gives you the exact information you need to get rid of your kidney stones easily without the need for prescription medications or expensive surgery. This book is delivered to you digitally, which means it can be accessed right away. This is important when you are suffering from the intense pain of kidney stones. You dont want to wait days or weeks for a solution to arrive in the mail. The ingredients used in this amazing kidney stone treatment are readily available in any store and cost much less than a prescription (approximately $8 on average). However, what I found to be a feature that makes this ebook better than most of the other kidney stone books available is that it doesnt just tell you the remedy works, it backs it up with scientific evidence. Emily's Kidney Stone Eradication System, also shows you how to change your diet so you can avoid future kidney stone attacks. It lays it out simply so you can easily understand what you should, and especially what you shouldnt eat. It also dispels a common misunderstanding about kidney stones and calcium intake. The truth will surprise you. This eBook is perfect for the individual who suffers from kidney stone attacks caused by the most common types of stones, calcium oxalate stones and uric acid stones. If you are in misery every few months because of kidney stone attacks it will be a relief to know these types of kidney stones respond well to the remedies found in this book.

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Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type

Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1) is an autosomal dominant cancer syndrome that features tumors of the parathyroid, pituitary, and the islet cells of the pancreas. These tissues are part of the endocrine system, which produces and secretes various hormones. In response to different hormones, target cells control homeostatic processes, growth, development, and stress. Specifically, with regard to the sites of the MEN1 tumors, the parathyroid glands control levels of calcium and phosphate the pituitary glands regulate metabolic activities of other endocrine glands and growth and the pancreatic islet cells maintain blood glucose concentration. Depending on the site and the extent of the MEN1 tumors, symptoms may include excess calcium in the bloodstream (hypercalcemia), which causes kidney stone formation low blood sugar concentration (hypoglycemia), resulting in dizziness, confusion, weight loss, and glucose intolerance and disruption of the pituitary gland, accompanied by...

Disorders of the Kidney

Kidney Stones A healthy kidney removes extra electrolytes and other minerals from the blood. Normally the chemical composition of urine and prompt urination prevent these electrolytes and minerals from forming crystals and building up on the inner surfaces of the kidney. Some crystals that form may pass through the urinary tract unnoticed. However, others may accumulate until they have formed kidney stones. Why kidney stones form in some people and not in others remains unknown. Men, especially white men, develop kidney stones more frequently than women. Kidney stones usually develop between ages 20 and 40, and once one stone has been diagnosed, more are likely to develop. A family history of kidney stones increases the risk, as do certain disorders of the kidney and recurrent kidney infections. Other diseases (such as gout and chronic inflammatory disorders) and certain medications (such as diuretics and calcium-based antacids) also can cause kidney stones. The warning signs of...

Infectious Urinary Stones

Approximately 15 of urinary stones are initiated by infections (Bichler et al. 2002). These stones can form in the bladder or kidney and are often associated with abnormalities of the urinary tract or obstructions (Bichler et al. 2002 Abrahams and Stoller 2003). These stones are composed of struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate) or apatite (calcium phosphate). The formation of these stones is strongly correlated with urease-producing bacteria and for the purposes of this chapter, these stones will be considered a free-floating crystallized biofilm. In fact, bladder and kidney stones are remarkably similar to the crystals that form on catheters (Griffith et al. 1976). The first step in production of these stones was revealed from studies by Griffin et al. who established the key role of urease in the formation of these stones (Griffith et al. 1976). These in vitro studies demonstrated that the expression of bacterial urease increased the pH of urine, leading to the formation of...

The Host Parasite Relationship

Hi most cases, the host defense mechanisms are able to eliminate the organisms. Urine itself is inhibitory to some of the urethral flora such as anaerobes. In addition, if urine has a low pH, high or low osmolality, high urea concentration, or high organic acid content, even organisms that can grow in urine may be inhibited. Of importance, if bacteria do gain access to the bladder, the constant flushing of contaminated urine from the body either eliminates bacteria or maintains their numbers at low levels. Clearly, any interference with the act of normal voiding, such as mechanical obstruction resulting from kidney stones or strictures, wdl promote the development of UTI. Also, the bladder mucosal surface has antibacterial properties. If the infection is not eradicated, the site of infection remains in the superficial mucosa deep layers of the bladder are rarely involved. (e.g., diabetes, sickle cell anemia) Kidney stones The importance of adherence in the pathogenesis of UTIs has...

Clinical Features

In the 58 patients reviewed by Phornphutkul et al. (2002), kidney stones were documented in 13 male and 3 female patients. Of the 27 men who were 31 to 60 years old, 8 had prostate stones. The development of prostate stones was not associated with the development of kidney stones. Three patients, each over the age of 50 years, had undergone aortic valve replacement.

Urinary Tract

In the walls of the ureters constantly tighten and relax to force urine downward away from the kidneys. Small amounts of urine are emptied into the bladder from the ureters about every 10 to 15 seconds. If urine becomes stagnant or backs up, a kidney infection or a kidney stone can develop.

Kidney Failure

Disorders of the kidney itself also can lead to acute renal failure. These disorders include direct injury to the kidney, a urinary tract infection such as acute pyelonephritis (see page 286), kidney stones (see page 289), renal cell cancer (see Kidney Cancer, page 293), and any obstruction of the urinary tract. Acute renal failure also can be caused by reduced blood flow, which can occur after an injury, during complicated surgery, when there is uncontrolled bleeding elsewhere in the body, following severe burns, or as a result of another serious illness. Exposure to poisons, solvents, certain medications, or a blood transfusion


Gout is a metabolic disorder that results from high levels of uric acid (a waste product of cell metabolism) in the blood. The condition can lead to joint inflammation, deposits of uric acid in and around the joints, reduced kidney function, and sometimes the development of kidney stones (see page 289).

Short Bowel Syndrome

Patients with SBS not only have an inadequate absorptive surface but also have an increased intestinal transit time. These patients have an elevated serum gastrin level and the excess gastric acid that is produced exacerbates the diarrhea (1,8). The mechanism for the hypergastrinemia is not known and this state is usually transient (1,8). In addition, the loss of brush border hydrolases causes inadequate carbohydrate breakdown, contributing to osmotic diarrhea. If the terminal ileum has been resected, bile acids are not well absorbed, which results in sodium and water secretion in the colon, again adding to diarrhea. Loss of the bile acid pool will cause steatorrhea and malabsorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K). This disruption of the enterohepatic circulation of bile can lead to both cholesterol gallstones and oxalate kidney stones.

51 Tips for Dealing with Kidney Stones

51 Tips for Dealing with Kidney Stones

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