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The American Medical Association Complete Guide to Men's Health provides up-to-date information that will enable you to adopt healthy habits that you can follow throughout your life. The book emphasizes the basics of a healthy lifestyle and the steps you can take to prevent illness.

In clear, easy-to-understand language, this book describes how different body systems work, answers many questions you may have about common diseases and disorders, and explains how many of these conditions can be prevented. The book guides you in making important decisions about your health based on the latest medical information. You will learn how to work effectively with your doctor and become a more active participant in your healthcare. The information in this book can benefit men of any age.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the book. To get the most out of it, follow the cross-references to other parts of the book. To look up a specific disorder or to look for information about a specific topic, consult the index at the back of the book. The index contains many cross-references to other terms that will help you find the information you need.

"The Healthy Man" at the beginning of the book contains information about preventing illness and staying healthy and safe. Part II, "Staying Healthy," expands on the many things you can do—including eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly—to stay healthy and reduce your risk of developing chronic disorders such as heart disease and cancer. This part will answer your questions about nutrition, fitness, body weight, and stress management. It also covers preventive health care, including the examinations and tests most helpful to you at every stage of life. You will also learn how to change behaviors such as smoking that put your health at risk.

Part III, "The Reproductive System," covers sexual and reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, and birth control. Part IV, "Common Health Concerns," covers major disorders of every system of the body. Included are the most common serious disorders that affect men. Each article answers the following questions about a disease or disorder: What is it? What are its symptoms? What are the risks? How is it treated? Information about self-care also is included whenever appropriate.

The glossary contains useful supplemental information and will help answer general questions about health.

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