Mark Stolar, MD

About This Book ix

Part One: The Healthy Man

Introduction 3 A Healthy Diet 4 The Benefits of Exercise 11 A Healthy Weight 17

The Dangers of Alcohol and Other Drugs 22 The Hazards of Tobacco 27 Safety and Your Health 33

Part Two: Staying Healthy

Chapter 1 Diet and Nutrition 43

Chapter 2 Exercise and Fitness 55

Chapter 3 Maintaining a Healthy Weight 67

Chapter 4 Preventive Healthcare 77

Chapter 5 Avoiding Risky Behavior 97

Chapter 6 Emotional Health and Well-being 116

Part Three: The Reproductive System

Chapter 7 Sexuality 139

Chapter 8 Disorders of the Reproductive System 161 Chapter 9 Sexually Transmitted Diseases 180 Chapter 10 Birth Control 194

viii Part Four: Common Health Concerns


Chapter 11 Heart, Blood, and Circulation 203

Chapter 12 Lungs 242

Chapter 13 Digestive System 258

Chapter 14 Urinary Tract 285

Chapter 15 Bones and Joints 300

Chapter 16 Brain and Nervous System 320

Chapter 17 Mental Disorders 344

Chapter 18 Endocrine System 364

Chapter 19 Immune System 376

Chapter 20 Eyes 387

Chapter 21 Ears 396

Chapter 22 Teeth and Gums 406

Chapter 23 Skin and Hair 415

Chapter 24 Cosmetic Surgery 432

Glossary 445 Index 485

Spiritual Weight Loss Mentality

Spiritual Weight Loss Mentality

Awesome Ways To Get Over Your Mentality That Keeps you Overweight! This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To Results In Your Slim-down and Health Efforts! Day in day out we keep ourselves absorbed with those matters that matter the most to us. A lot of times, it might be just to survive and bring in some money. In doing so we at times disregard or forget about the extra matters that are essential to balance our lives. They’re even more essential to supply real meaning to our world. You have to pay attention to your wellness.

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