Prime Mover Or Agonist

Organ 3

Organ 3

A prime mover or agonist (AG-on-ist) is literally a "contender," someone engaged in a contest. In Ancient Greece, agonists were the athletes who contended or competed with one another in the Olympic Games to achieve great physical goals. Somewhat similarly, prime movers or agonists are the muscles mainly responsible for contracting and carrying out a particular body movement. And whenever the agonists carry out the body movement, they are "contending" or "competing" with other muscles, that must be relaxed.

Returning to the arm, we can say that the biceps brachii is the main agonist or prime mover for flexion (bending) of the forearm. If this bending movement is to be successfully carried out, however, the opposing muscles that extend (straighten) the forearm must be inhibited or relaxed.

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