Scleroderma And Other Collagen Diseases

Because collagen makes up over 25% of all our body's proteins, abnormal changes in the connective tissues involving collagen fibers can create severe pathological anatomy. Consider, for example, scleroderma (sklir-oh-DER-muh) - an abnormal ''hardening'' (scler) of the ''skin'' (derm). Scleroderma . is a member of a group broadly called the collagen diseases. ^ j F In cases of scleroderma, part of the problem is an unusual swelling and j^®- I fragmentation of the collagen fibers in the skin into disordered, smaller

■: pieces. The skin becomes progressively thicker, stiffer, and harder, until Molecule 1 movement of the fingers becomes nearly impossible! Because of this patho logical anatomy at the molecule level of collagen, severe pathophysiology of the skin and other connective tissue-rich areas of the body may follow.

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