The Central Canal And Cerebrospinal Fluid

Running down through the center of the spinal cord is the central canal. Like the third ventricle mentioned earlier (with the thalamus), the central canal is part of the ventricular (ven-TRIK-yew-lar) system. This system is a collection of ''little bellies'' (ventricles) that contain and circulate the cerebrospinal (ser-e-broh-SPY-nal) fluid or CSF.

The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear, watery filtrate (FIL-trayt) - filtration product - of the blood plasma (PLAZ-mah). Somewhat like the blood plasma (liquid portion of the blood) circulates through the blood vessels, the CSF circulates through the cavities and passageways of the ventricular system. A major function of the cerebrospinal fluid is to serve as a shock absorber, protecting the delicate, butter-soft brain and spinal cord from knocking against the hard wall of surrounding bone tissue.

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