The Human Endoskeleton

Organ System 1

Organ System 1

Humans are classified as vertebrates (VER-tuh-brits) - animals with spines or ''backbones'' (vertebr). And our vertebral (ver-TEE-brul) column, as our vertical collection of backbones, is, of course, hidden inside of our back. Since the rest of our bones are also located within the body, we have what is called an endoskeleton (EN-doh-skel-uh-tun) or ''hard dried body within.''

Let us make a useful analogy. Figure 7.1 displays the soft flesh of a peach, and its hard pit within. Similarly, the human body has its soft flesh (skeletal muscle tissue) located more externally, and the rock-hard endoskeleton lying deeper within.

The human endoskeleton consists of about 206 total bones in the adult. It has two main subdivisions. These are the axial (AX-ee-ul) skeleton and the appendicular (ah-pen-DIK-you-ler) skeleton. The adult axial skeleton has about 80 bones, while the appendicular skeleton contains 126 bones.

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