Tissue A Collection Of The Intercellular Material Similar Cells Located Between The Cells

The solid portion of the intercellular material is a part of the extracellular matrix of structural proteins located outside cells (Chapter 4). This complex meshwork of structural proteins does make tissues in general physically resemble a grid or ''woven fabric.''

The related concept of interstitial fluid

But the intercellular material doesn't just consist of a solid meshwork of proteins between cells. It also includes a watery, fluid component - the interstitial (in-ter-STISH-al) fluid. The phrase, interstitial fluid, translates to mean ''pertaining to'' (-ial) the ''fluid'' located in the ''spaces'' (stit) ''between'' (inter-) the tissue cells. The interstitial fluid, then, is the fluid circulating in the spaces between the solid meshwork of criss-crossing structural proteins found outside of our tissue cells.

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