Eye Movements In Other Disorders Causing Parkinsonian Syndromes Differentiation From Psp Table

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The clinical challenge often posed to neurologists is to diagnose parkinsonian patients with abnormal eye movements. As noted above, most patients with PD have normal eye movements for their age, whereas as most patients with PSP do not. In fact, a number of other parkinsonian disorders have been reported to produce abnormal eye movements, and it is those disorders that we review in this section, noting features that help to differentiate from PSP.

Table 3

Comparison of Findings in Some Parkinsonian Syndromes

SWJ During Fixation

Visually Guided Saccades

Laboratory Testing of Saccades

PD Increased following pallidotomy

PSP Markedly increased MSA Increased in some patients CBGD Increased in some patients

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