Walker and coworkers have recently evaluated the integrity of the the nigrostriatal metabolism using the presynaptic marker 123I-labeled 2^-carbomethoxy-3X4-iodophenyl)-N-(3-fluoropropyl)nortropane (FP-CIT), and SPECT in 27 patients with DLB, 17 with AD, 19 drug-naive PD patients, and 16 controls. There was a good seperation of the DLB and PD patients from AD patients and normals on the basis of the reduced striatal uptake ratios in these two groups whereas it was not possible to distinguish DLB and PD patients (76). As the DLB cases were all rigid, however, and the AD cases were not, the FP-CIT SPECT may simply have been discriminating the parkin-sonism rather than the type of dementia.

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