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PSP and CBD have much in common from a clinical, pathologic, and genetic perspective (16,44,45). Besides both being sporadic 4-R tauopathies, they both may present with frontal cognitive disturbances, parkinsonism not responding to levodopa therapy, ocular motor, and speech and swallowing disturbances (16,127). The similarities between PSP and CBD have led investigators to question whether the two disorders are distinct nosologic entities or different phenotypes of the same disorder (128). Recently validated neuropathologic diagnostic criteria (129) emphasize the presence of tau-immunoreactive lesions in neurons, glia, and cell processes in these disorders and also provide good differentiation between PSP and CBD (129). For further details on the discussion of the nosology of PSP and its relationship with CBD and other disorders, the reader is remitted to Chapters 8 and 9.

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