Test Stimuli For Audiotaped Samples

Grandfather Passage

You wish to know all about your grandfather. Well, he is nearly 93 years old, yet he still thinks as swiftly as ever. He dresses himself in an old black frock coat, usually several buttons missing. A long beard clings to his chin, giving those who observe him a pronounced feeling of the utmost respect. Twice each day he plays skillfully and with zest upon a small organ. Except in the winter when the snow or ice prevents, he slowly takes a short walk in the open air each day. We have often urged him to walk more and smoke less, but he always answers, Banana Oil! Grandfather likes to be modern in his language.

Test Stimuli used for Picture descriptions:

Source: Cookie Theft Picture from Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Exam in The Assessment of Aphasia and related Disorders (second edition) by Goodglass, H & Kaplan, E., 1983, Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger. Reproduced with permission.
Source: Picnic scene picture from Western Aphasia Battery by Kertesz, A., 1982, by The Psychological Corporation, a Harcourt Assessment Company. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved.

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