How Muscles Are Named

Most of this chapter is a descriptive inventory of muscles, including their location, action, origin, insertion, and innervation. Learning the names of the muscles is much easier when you have some appreciation of the meanings behind the words. The Latin and English muscle names in this chapter are from the Terminología Anatomica (T.A.) (see chapter 1). Although this book gives most terms in English rather than Latin, the customary English names for skeletal muscles are, at most, only slight modifications of the Latin names—for example, anterior scalene muscle is a derivative of the T.A. term, musculus scalenus anterior.

Some muscle names are several words long—for example, the flexor digiti minimi brevis, a "short muscle that flexes the little finger." Such names may seem intimidating at first, but they are really more of a help than an obstacle to understanding if you gain a little insight into the most commonly used Latin words. Several of these are interpreted in table 10.1, and others are explained in footnotes throughout the chapter. Familiarity with these terms will help you translate muscle names and remember the location, appearance, and action of the muscles.

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