When I was a child, it was the art and photography in biology books that most strongly inspired me to want to learn about the subject. So it comes as no surprise that students and instructors rate the visual appeal of this book as second only to writing style in importance. I developed many

Preface ix illustrative concepts not found in other books. Professional medical illustrators and graphic artists have rendered these, as well as the classic themes of A&P, in a vivid and captivating style that has contributed a lot to a student's desire to learn.

As the book has evolved through these three editions, I have used larger figures and brighter colors; adopted simpler, uncluttered labeling; and continued to incorporate innovative illustrative concepts. A good illustration conveys much more information than several times as much space filled with verbiage, and I have cut down on the word count of the book to allow space for larger and more informative graphics.

The illustration program is more than line art. I continue to incorporate better histological photography and cadaver dissections, including many especially clear and skillful dissections commissioned specifically for this book.

Several of my students have modeled for photographs in this book. As much as possible with the volunteers who came forth, I have represented an ethnic variety of subjects.

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