Selected Vocabulary

central nervous system 444 peripheral nervous system 444 afferent neuron 446 interneuron 446 efferent neuron 446 soma 446 dendrite 446 axon 448

synapse 448 synaptic vesicle 448 oligodendrocyte 450 astrocyte 450 ependymal cell 450 microglia 451 Schwann cell 451 myelin sheath 451

node of Ranvier 453 resting membrane potential 455 depolarization 456 local potential 456 hyperpolarize 458 action potential 458

repolarize 458 excitatory postsynaptic potential 468 inhibitory postsynaptic potential 469 synaptic potentiation 473

Saladin: Anatomy & I 12. Nervous Tissue I Text I I © The McGraw-Hill

Physiology: The Unity of Companies, 2003 Form and Function, Third Edition

478 Part Three Integration and Control c. facilitated circuits.

  1. diverging circuits.
  2. converging circuits.
  3. Neurons that convey information to the CNS are called sensory, or_, neurons.
  4. To perform their role, neurons must have the properties of excitability, secretion, and_.
  5. The_is a period of time in which a neuron is producing an action potential and cannot respond to another stimulus of any strength.
  6. Neurons receive incoming signals by way of specialized processes called

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