Surface Anatomy

The Importance of External Anatomy 392 Head and Neck (fig. B.1) 393 Trunk 394

  • Thorax and Abdomen (fig. B.2) 394
  • Back and Gluteal Region (fig. B.3) 395
  • Pelvic Region (fig. B.4) 396
  • Axillary Region (fig. B.5) 397

Upper Limb 398

  • Lateral Aspect (fig. B.6) 398
  • Antebrachium (forearm) (fig. B.7) 398
  • Wrist and Hand (fig. B.8) 399

Lower Limb 400

  • Thigh and Knee (fig. B.9) 400
  • Leg (figs. B.10-B.12) 401
  • Foot (figs. B.13—14) 404

Muscle Test (fig. B.15) 406

Saladin: Anatomy & I Atlas B Surface Anatomy I Text I © The McGraw-Hill

Physiology: The Unity of Companies, 2003 Form and Function, Third Edition

392 Part Two Support and Movement

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