Testing Your Comprehension

  1. Why would the supercoiled, condensed form of chromosomes seen in metaphase not be suitable for the Gt phase of the cell cycle? Why would the finely dispersed chromatin of the G1 phase not be suitable for mitosis?
  2. Suppose the DNA double helix had a backbone of alternating nitrogenous bases and phosphates, with the deoxyribose components facing each other across the middle of the helix. Why couldn't such a molecule function as a genetic code?
  3. Given the information in this chapter, present an argument that evolution is not merely possible but inevitable. (Hint: Review the definition of evolution in chapter 1.)
  4. What would be the minimum length (approximate number of bases) of an mRNA that coded for a protein 300 amino acids long?
  5. Give three examples from this chapter of the complementarity of structure and function.

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