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  1. A substance that is considered
  2. The ionization of a sodium atom to
  3. A substance that is considered
  4. The ionization of a sodium atom to

to be a chemical compound.

produce Na+ is an example of

freely in water is

a. contains at least two different

a. oxidation.

a. hydrophilic.


b. reduction.

b. hydrophobic.

b. contains at least two atoms

c. catabolism.

c. hydrolyzed.

c. has a chemical bond

d. anabolism.

d. hydrated.

d. has a stable valence shell

e. a decomposition reaction.

e. amphiphilic.

e. has covalent bonds

4. The weakest chemical bonds, easily

6. A carboxyl group is symbolized

An ionic bond is formed when

disrupted by temperature and pH

a. —OH.

a. two anions meet.

changes, are

b. —NH2.

b. two cations meet.

a. polar covalent bonds.

c. -CH3.

c. an anion meets a cation.

b. nonpolar covalent bonds.

d. —CH2OH.

d. electrons are unequally shared

c. hydrogen bonds.

e. —COOH.

between nuclei.

d. ionic bonds.

e. electrons transfer completely from

e. disulfide bonds.

one atom to another.

Saladin: Anatomy & I 2. The Chemistry of Life I Text I I © The McGraw-Hill

Physiology: The Unity of Companies, 2003 Form and Function, Third Edition

90 Part One Organization of the Body

  1. The only polysaccharide synthesized in the human body is a. cellulose.
  2. glycogen.
  3. cholesterol.
  4. starch.
  5. prostaglandin.
  6. The arrangement of a polypeptide into a fibrous or globular shape is called its a. primary structure.
  7. secondary structure.
  8. tertiary structure.
  9. quaternary structure.
  10. conjugated structure.
  11. Which of the following functions is more characteristic of carbohydrates than of proteins?
  12. contraction b. energy storage c. catalyzing reactions d. immune defense e. intercellular communication

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