Testing Your Recall

  1. To make a muscle contract more strongly, the nervous system can activate more motor units. This process is called a. recruitment.
  2. summation.
  3. incomplete tetanus.
  4. twitch.
  5. treppe.
  6. The is a depression in the sarcolemma that receives a motor nerve ending.
  7. T tubule b. terminal cisterna c. sarcomere d. motor end plate e. synapse
  8. Before a muscle fiber can contract, ATP must bind to a. a Z disc.
  9. the myosin head.
  10. tropomyosin.
  11. troponin.

e. actin.

  1. Before a muscle fiber can contract, Ca2+ must bind to a. calsequestrin.
  2. the myosin head.
  3. tropomyosin.
  4. troponin.

e. actin.

  1. Skeletal muscle fibers have , whereas smooth muscle cells do not.
  2. T tubules b. ACh receptors c. thick myofilaments d. thin myofilaments e. dense bodies
  3. Smooth muscle cells have_, whereas skeletal muscle fibers do not.
  4. sarcoplasmic reticulum b. tropomyosin c. calmodulin d. Z discs e. myosin ATPase
  5. ACh receptors are found mainly in a. synaptic vesicles.
  6. terminal cisternae.
  7. thick filaments.
  8. thin filaments.
  9. junctional folds.
  10. Single-unit smooth muscle cells can stimulate each other because they have a. a latch-bridge.
  11. diffuse junctions.
  12. gap junctions.
  13. tight junctions.
  14. calcium pumps.
  15. Warm-up exercises take advantage of

_to enable muscles to perform at peak strength.

  1. the stress-relaxation response b. the length-tension relationship c. excitatory junction potentials d. oxygen debt e. treppe
  2. Slow oxidative fibers have all of the following except a. an abundance of myoglobin.
  3. an abundance of glycogen.
  4. high fatigue resistance.
  5. a red color.
  6. a high capacity to synthesize ATP aerobically.
  7. The minimum stimulus intensity that will make a muscle contract is called
  8. A state of prolonged maximum contraction is called_.
  9. Parts of the sarcoplasmic reticulum called_lie on each side of a T


  1. Thick myofilaments consist mainly of the protein_.
  2. The neurotransmitter that stimulates skeletal muscle is_.
  3. Muscle contains an oxygen-binding pigment called_.
  4. The_of skeletal muscle play the same role as dense bodies in smooth muscle.
  5. In autonomic nerve fibers that stimulate single-unit smooth muscle, the neurotransmitter is contained in swellings called_.
  6. A state of continual partial muscle contraction is called_.

20 ._is an end product of anaerobic fermentation that causes muscle fatigue.

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